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Is ChatGPT bad for democracy?

Inaugural episode of an occasional podcast where I talk to smart, interesting people who I might otherwise disagree with

This is the inaugural episode of a new, occasional podcast hosted right here on my Substack. If you’d like to receive future episodes, make sure to subscribe here for free.

I’ve been fascinated by ChatGPT and its implications for automated writing (and bullshitting). That said, I can’t claim to know much about it and I’m at the point in my life where I’ve allowed myself to not have strong opinions on matters of interest.


So I talked to someone, Aziz Poonawalla, who knows what they’re talking about—and who does have opinions on what all of this could mean for artificial intelligence, automation, and for promoting bad ideas and “misinformation” on a very large scale.

Aziz is a writer, a patent agent, and a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim living in Los Angeles. He has been blogging at various venues for almost 20 years, about religion, art, politics, and fiction. He currently geek-blogs at and halal-blogs at Follow him at @azizhp on Twitter and Mastodon (.social).

Required reading:

Daniel Drezner at

: “Have we reached the game-changing moment on AI?” December 14, 2022

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Shadi Hamid
Shadi Hamid
Shadi Hamid